Metro High School Athletic Association

Protest Procedures

The following procedure for protests within the MHSAA was approved at the September 10th, 2001 association meeting.

  1. A letter must be sent (faxed or emailed) within 48 hours of the event in question c/o Susan Beazley,  Protest Committee Chair, Armbrae Academy : Fax: 423-9731  The Principal of the school filing the protest must sign the letter indicating approval.
  1. With the letter include a detailed account of the events surrounding the protest, as well as names of the individuals involved, witnesses, and contact numbers.
  1. The letter must be accompanied by a photocopy of a cheque from the school initiating the protest for $100 made payable to the Metro High School Athletic Association (which will be returned if the protest is upheld).
  1. Upon receiving the protest letter the Chair will then strike a committee consisting of two other Metro Athletic Directors who will gather all information and then either meet in person or via a conference call to discuss and determine the final outcome of the protest.
  1. Regardless of the outcome, the schools involved in the protest will receive in writing a follow-up letter detailing the final decision as reached by the protest committee.
  1. In the event that Armbrae Academy is involved in the protest, the responsibility of selecting an interim protest committee chair will go to the Chair of the Metro High School Athletic Association, Donna Duggan, Halifax West High School.

Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at




Susan Beazley

Metro Athletic Association

Protest Committee Chair

423-7920 (229)